Harmonious Co-existence between Humans and Baboons/Monkeys

We’ve altered their lives drastically by encroaching on their territory. We’ve destroyed habitats and have severely damaged troop structures.

This presentation is for residents who would like to co-exist peacefully with the baboons and/or monkeys around their homes.

Protect the Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus pygerythrus)

An unspeakable act of cruelty made its way onto social media in November, 2018 bringing attention to the killing of vervet monkeys (impaled on a steel fence) by a well known wildlife collector in Hartebeespoort Dam, North West Province, South Africa.
Considering that there are numerous non-lethal methods available to deter monkeys from human properties, and that shooting monkeys has failed again and again to stop raiding, one can only surmise as to why someone would resort to such psychologically unhealthy, cruel behavior.

Feral foundlings

Originally posted on letting nature back in:
These three kittens fell through a loose ceiling board into the computer room in an office block at a factory. Efforts to reunite them with their feral mother failed. Fortunately, they were of weaning age and we fostered them and when they were old enough we found them…

Life as a Bachelor Male

Two days ago while driving along the main road in Dargle Valley, an adult male samango monkey ran across the road in front of my vehicle then disappeared into a Bluegum plantation. It is believed that samango troops do not wander far away from the forest patches they live in, but this is not the…


Given that no other animal on earth (besides humans) drinks milk after being weaned, it is bizarre that farmers complain of baboons stealing milk from dairy cows. More and more humans are accepting that milk is an unnatural food source that is often the cause of allergies. Why would a wild primate want milk from…


  This info has been taken from the following site: http://www.imfene.org/baboons-and-dogs Baboons and Dogs When baboons live near humans, they naturally come into regular contact with the pets of humans, including dogs. Sometimes interactions between baboons and dogs turn nasty and one of the animals involved – dog or baboon – ends up getting hurt. Contrary…