Shifting the Blame – a Common Primate Strategy

Passing the buck: a common primate scenario. For example..a middle ranking female comes across a favourite food, looks around to see if anyone is watching, then moves to pick it up. Just as she does, the alpha male arrives. In a flash, she turns to stare at a lower ranking female. Her chin is jutted forward and her eyebrows are raised. She is passing the buck by showing the alpha male that it is not her who is at fault, but the lower ranking female. As passing the buck is a common primate strategy, it comes as no surprise to me that the most destructive, over populated problem animal of all (humans), redirects blame onto other species by labeling them as “problem animals” to be persecuted and destroyed. The human primate seems to be dictated by primal drives couched in transient “logic” that direct the future, ensuring a continuation of the destructive path we are on.

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