Africa – Misunderstanding Wild Baboons

A Researcher working in Uganda contacted me some time ago to ask if I could help her understand what was happening to the villagers in her area who had reported that the women were being “sexually harassed” by a troop of baboons. These “attacks” occurred when the women headed towards the river to do their…

Theft of the Soul

  Certain African tribes refuse to kiss because they believe that the mouth is the window to the soul. They fear having their soul stolen.   Others fear having their photos taken and regard a direct stare as a potential theft of the soul.   Then there are the numerous wild primates who consider a…

Cross-Species Relationships – Darwin Primate Group

The Harmonious Relationship Between Dogs, Chickens, Rehabilitated orphaned monkeys and Wild Baboons. For seven years, these wild baboons did not ever attempt to harm a chicken, free-roaming rescue monkey, cat or dog at the Darwin Primate Group. (The huskies in this video were rescued to save them from being euthanased by their people, and due…

Farmers vs Wildlife – the Plight of SA Primates

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW: Farmers vs Wildlife – the Plight of SA Primates Farmers vs Wildlife and the Plight of SA Primates Related articles Commend Authorities for Arresting Notorious Chimpanzee Abuser ( Protecting Wildlife Diversity (

Harmonious Co-existence between Humans and Baboons/Monkeys

We’ve altered their lives drastically by encroaching on their territory. We’ve destroyed habitats and have severely damaged troop structures.

This presentation is for residents who would like to co-exist peacefully with the baboons and/or monkeys around their homes.

Darwin Primate Group

The Darwin Primate Group is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of South African primate species. There are nine provinces in SA with each province being governed by independent laws. Because the DPG is the only official primate rescue centre in the Western Cape in SA, our work is crucial to ensure a…

Humans and Wild Animals- Peaceful Co-existence

Before our ancestors arrived, the Khoi-San co-existed with wild animals peacefully. Although much has changed today, the message that we are one species amongst all others, and not one species above all others, is relevant if we want to change the damaging path we are heading down…

Living With Our Wild Neighbors

Living With Baboons Before our ancestors established farms in the Western Cape, the respectful Khoi-San co-existed peacefully with wild animals.