Testosterone is Trouble



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Paintings by Karin Saks - B.A.F.A.


Harmonious Co-existence between Humans and Baboons/Monkeys

We’ve altered their lives drastically by encroaching on their territory. We’ve destroyed habitats and have severely damaged troop structures.

This presentation (click on the link above) is for residents who would like to co-exist peacefully with the baboons and/or monkeys around their homes.My neighboring baboons - BEHAVIOUR and power struggles.

Humans and Wild Animals- Peaceful Co-existence


Before our ancestors arrived, the Khoi-San co-existed with wild animals peacefully. Although much has changed today, the message that we are one species amongst all others, and not one species above all others, is relevant if we want to change the damaging path we are heading down…

Communication – The Eye Brow Lift


Communication - The Eye Brow Lift

Depending on the context, the eye brow lift (illustrated here by Alpha males, No Hands and Bud generally represents a relatively mild warning.

In this case, No Hands is warning the photographer not to point a camera at him while Bud is warning a human bystander not to get close to his babies.

The eyebrow lift is commonly used by bold wild primates when asking you to hand the food in your hand over to them.