Laura Rodgers – Making the Difference

Laura Rodgers – Making The DifferenceLAURA1

On a daily basis, I am confronted by the potential darkness of human nature as the reality of our wild cousins is brought into sharp focus. Thankfully, I am simultaneously introduced to the light and love in humanity when meeting certain people; Laura has been one of the most influential to have caused me to not lose hope in the destiny of our fight for the environment and inhabitants.

~ Karin


Baby baboon
pink face
about to darken
one month old
mother shot down
before you
Mika in diapers
tail hole cut
we raise you,
to set you free
to live with the wild troop
near your human
Mother. Mika,
taught me
about infant baboon
cries in the night
presented your clicking tongue,
soft brown eyes.
Now grown
pals with the
nearby vervet monkeys
than the other baboons
learning to be wild again.
Resourceful girl,
when you are free promise–
you will go back home.
By Laura Rodgers


On our tireless journey
to find something fresh—
worth fighting for—
like my consciousness
your furry primate babies.

We long for passion,
to be understood
and communicate finally…
with a click of the tongue or
a conversation
that’ll light us on fire
that’ll heat up the house
and catch you and I

like our children–
adopted baboons,
the way they
hang on our hearts.

By Laura Rodgers


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