Al Pacino

Al Pacino – The Life of a Dispersing Male Baboon.

Al Pacino has been going through the vulnerable transition between sub-adulthood and adulthood. He’s big, powerful, intimidating, yet gentle and confident at the same time. During the efforts to fix both his snare injury and his latest injury from a fight with the wild troop’s alpha male Bud (torn bicep) he behaved very well; and we are pleased to report that he’s been seen foraging only a few days ago and using his sore arm to climb. We think he’ll make a full recovery and we look forward to seeing him again to monitor his progress and healing.We are extremely grateful to local vet – Stephan Nell – for the wonderful job he did fixing up this beautiful wild baboon.

Al Pacino, one of the adult male baboons striking out on his own, gets injured in a territorial fight and required emergency surgery.
Pacino goes back to his release cage after surgery for his snare injure; he forgot his snacks.
Al Pacino the adult male baboon before capture to treat his snare injury.


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