DPG orphan baboons with the wild baboon troop.

Recently, I’ve been  going through some footage I’ve taken over the last years. This clip is a short and summarised view of the baboon orphans in my care when I first introduced them to the wild troop. Today, these orphans await the outcome of a future we are trying to secure for them. They are temporarily housed at a nearby wildlife centre – in captivity –  where they are relatively comfortable. However, these scenes brought back the memories of the past… and the freedom they enjoyed before the neighbor farmers and past landlord  stopped us from progressing by co-ercing the authorities into withdrawing our permits.

Only recently did I discover the extent of this plan.

We’d moved to a piece of land close by in August 2012, but the farmers and their group of anti-primate people continued with their vendetta.

Early this year, Save The Primates jumped onto this bandwagon just as we were about to get permits and refused us permission to continue our work on the new DPG property which had specifically been bought to provide a safe and secure piece of land for the primates. Our primates deserve a quality existence living out the rest of their days in peace as do all South African primates along with other wildlife.


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