11th November – RIP Didi…Killed by Jehovah’s Witness in The Crags

One day, hopefully in the near future, I will tell you the whole story about this particular blog post. Right now, my hands are tied, my voice silenced and the threats continue.
Above: hand written account of who killed Didi. The witness was a man who worked for the killer (A Jehovah’s Witness who lives in the same road). The witnesses name has been blacked out to protect his identity as he claims his job is at risk.
All I can say is that someone shot my very first orphan baby, vervet monkey on the 11th of November, and I am unable to speak out right now because of their threats. The killer – a “religious” man who lives in the same road –  did it intentionally, knowing I’d spent days searching for Didi. Having the choice to call me to get him back to his territory, they chose instead to kill.
One day, I will share the evidence and proof here….
And you will learn more about the war between humans and nonhuman primates – the injustice that other species suffer in South Africa.
You will come to know more about the propaganda that is perpetuated to maintain the self interests of the agricultural sector and the financial clout they carry – the manner in which they fool you into thinking they are justified in their vague attempts at killing off so called “problem animals.”
But when you know the truth, you’ll be reminded that the most problematic, most destructive, over populated species is our own.
We are accountable for the damage we have caused to our primate kin, other species and the planet we share.
 It is time for us to accept our part in this and turn it around.

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